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Real Hosting is committed to providing practical, economical and user-friendly web hosting solutions. If you currently experience, or anticipate experiencing, a high level of traffic across your website, dedicated server hosting is an essential investment to ensure the safety and reliability of your personal or business content. Real Hosting affords you more power and control over your website by providing an exclusive server dedicated just to you, without the extravagant cost and effort of purchasing and managing your own server. Real Hosting will foot the bill to build and maintain server equipment, slashing your overheads and enabling you to achieve a higher return on investment while confirming exclusivity, reliability and high performance.

Maintain your reputation with 100% uptime

Dedicated web hosting is the most stable server choice available, safeguarding you and your business against dips and troughs in traffic flow caused by other websites sharing the same IP address. While server sharing is a completely viable option for smaller web pages attracting minor levels of site traffic, for larger high-traffic eCommerce sites, it comes with the risk that your website’s rank may be compromised by your neighbours’ content. Remove the danger of malignant local spam or adult websites diminishing your performance by obtaining one of Real Hosting’s unique IP addresses and enjoy increased speed, diminished lag and the promise of 100% uptime.

Achieve guaranteed confidentiality with real hosting’s dedicated web hosting

Real Hosting’s private servers offer the added security of confidential access and are tailored to your own unique needs. With CPU and RAM devoted just to your own online content, Real Hosting’s dedicated hosting plans provide the strength and capacity for high performance, maximising your uptime and offering consistency across all areas of your site. Whether you plan to start afresh or migrate your current website, Real Hosting’s private servers are the most effective way to access the resources of a full server without having to buy, run and maintain your own.

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If your requirements don’t extend to what managed dedicated hosting can offer, Real Hosting provide Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting for smaller businesses aiming to grow their traffic flow.

With a 100% money back guarantee, Real Hosting takes pride in protecting businesses all around the world. The ease and relief that comes from offloading the responsibility of running, maintaining and configuring your own server is priceless, especially when you can also reap a financial benefit. Contact one of our web hosting specialists today to discuss the best hosting plan for your website!

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