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Our domain name pricing

Australian Domains



$9.45 / year *

$9.45 / year *

* minimum 2 years registration

gTLD Extensions



$94.25 / year

$94.25 / year

Global Domains



$15.95 / year

$15.95 / year


Register a domain name that defines you

Domains are a huge part of your brand identity. In this digital age, many businesses are known solely by their chosen domain name. The right domain choice can give your company the ring of authority in its industry, while a poor one drives clicks away from your site. Don’t be confused for the competition; position yourself in your market with an expertly chosen domain, registered with Real Hosting.

Protect your good name

Your domain name needs to be treated as carefully as your business’s reputation – online, they are often one and the same. Whether you need help registering, transferring, renewing, or exchanging ownership of your domain, let the team at Real Hosting manage it. We ensure nothing undermines this valuable brand asset.

Transferring a domain?

Real Hosting offers straightforward domain transfers, individually or in bulk. Our transfer service is quick and reliable – contact us today!

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Your domain experts

The Real Hosting team is comprised of driven, experienced professionals, each with the experience and knowledge of the web services industry to keep a global quality web host ticking over. By choosing us to look after your domain, you become part of a winning pedigree.

We’ve managed thousands upon thousands of domains in our history; you can trust us to treat yours with the same renowned standard of care. We offer a flexible standard of care, happy to manage your site from top to bottom or to just hand you the wheel and stand back ‘til you call.

Domain name registration


Instant Registration

Our domain team understand that in the first-to-the-post world of domains, speed is key. Call with a domain name and confirm your registration with us within minutes.

Online Management

Enjoy full convenience and control as our online domain portal provides you full access to all relevant services. Renew, transfer, and change ownership all from one web page. No fuss.

Domain Security

We’re pushing up the industry standard on security, with 2-factor authentication protecting your account from being accessed. Further measures are available for domains of critical importance.

Accredited Registrar

With many years of experience in the global hosting market, we’re no fly-by-night operation – and we don’t work with any either. All Real Hosting registrations are handled by locally-certified and accredited registrars.

Register a domain name that builds an identity

Few of the decisions you make while managing your business online will have the massive, condensed impact of your chosen domain name. Your domain determines much of the first-glance perception of your company. A good domain will identify your business to a customer and help them to find you on the crowded internet, driving more traffic to your website.

Web domain registration from the world’s hosting experts

The history of the web is rife with companies that squandered their chances with their preferred domain name. But just as many have made successful transitions to new domains, boosting the visibility and viability of their business. Upgrading your web host is a great opportunity to also move to a new domain.

On the other hand, if you already have a great domain name registered, let us know; we’ll have it transferred over in the blink of an eye!

We understand the vital importance of your domain

With many years’ experience as a hosting company, our team have a deep understanding of the significance of our work. We treat our work in hosting and domain registration services as though every site is our own. Whether you need our help with domain registration, change of ownership, or any other issue, taking the case to Real Hosting means you won’t have to worry about it.

Secure your dream domain with our web registration & transfers

Buying a domain with Real Hosting will give you your best shot to secure the ideal URL for your business. Even if you’re responsible for thousands of domains, you don’t have to worry when you’re with us. Our team can effortlessly handle bulk domain transfers with the same confidence as any other domain change.

To feel the difference that proven, professional web hosting can offer, contact Real Hosting today.