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Take control of the look, feel and functionality of your website with the flexible Joomla open source web development application. Keep on trend with the latest widgets, extensions and supplementary constituents in order to stay relevant to your audience by being as highly practical as you can. This reputable, PHP-built Content Management System (CMS) encourages creativity and is continuously revised and improved, making it easier for our users to produce more exciting and engaging web content.

Create Something Unique with Joomla

The versatility and creative freedom afforded to you when you install the Joomla platform is boundless. Whether you’re constructing a number of complex interconnected web pages, a sole eCommerce nerve centre or a static blogging site, Joomla has the tools to ensure your content presentation is both engaging and up-to-date. Choose from an endless range of skins, themes and plugins to make your website stand out against what’s fast becoming the digital “white noise” equivalent.

Get the best managed hosting for your personal, professional or e-commerce site

From high-end corporate brands, to small and medium businesses and all the private websites in between, Real Hosting, in association with online partner Joomla, are the most trusted international web hosting service available. Accommodating corporations of all natures and backgrounds, Real Hosting’s fully managed services provide a safety net, protecting you against reduced load times and security breaches.

Real Hosting guarantee your page will always be available and provide 24/7 maintenance and support to ensure your web presence never falters. Abetted by sufficient, effective resources to manage surplus traffic, you can rest assured that your eCommerce platforms and high capacity pages are safe and secure. Real Hosting also give you access to as much data as you can find a use for making certain that your website, whatever it’s use, is always running swiftly and soundly.

Real Hosting can help you

Real Hosting offer managed packages that are both rapid and reliable for use with Joomla, WordPress, Magento or any CMS platforms. Offering holistic support anytime, anywhere, you will never be left hanging with Real Hosting. Enjoy our 100% uptime money back promise to ensure your site is online all the time. Contact Real Hosting today to get your website off the ground!

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