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Being able to offer clients web hosting can make for a wonderful sweetener in any service package. Whether you’re a web designer seeking an opportunity to provide a more complete website solution to clients, a digital marketer creating new platforms for clients online, or just eyeing the entrepreneurial potential of web hosting as a side business, the easiest way to get your start is through a reseller hosting plan.

Real Hosting offer a range of unlimited plans to our resellers, allowing you to hand out as many domains and complete as many data transfers as you need to satisfy all your clients. We provide these packages at a price point leaving plenty of room for your profit, so don’t be afraid to market and expand your business under our reseller plans; we can scale them to suit your new demands. Trust in Real Hosting to start you out right – our constant support and strong technical base can be the foundation on which you grow your business to success.

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Real Hosting loves our resellers. Providing them with cheap, unlimited hosting plans is good business, and allows us to focus on constantly honing and improving our web hosting services. As a reseller of web hosting, your business can only be as good as the product you’re offering, so why would you take a reseller deal from less than the best? Real Hosting provide you with the space and profitability to grow, and an industry-leading package of hardware and software to ensure your customers enjoy a premium hosting product. What’s more, those who enter into our unlimited reseller plans enjoy access to Real Hosting’s renowned 24/7/365 service and tech support. Provide your customers with the assurance of strong technical knowledge and product mastery without having to hire new personnel – the Real Hosting reseller plan lets you market a complete hosting product, rather than leaving you to make up the difference for your customers.

Consider how you could profit from the industry’s best reseller plans

With different levels of reseller packages available, Real Hosting have created an opportunity which calls to the bottom line of many businesses. With every web hosting reseller deal, you are buying a complete product from us, with only the responsibility of marketing and client management left in your hands. You can start out small with a cheap reseller plan, and when you need more server space to accommodate demand, you can effortlessly move up to the next tier.

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