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SSL certificates provide
reliable security

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SSL security is your most important customer guarantee

Protect your business

The ability for users to securely browse your website is of greater importance every day. With more internet-savvy browsers demanding a HTTPS connection, the need to own an appropriate SSL security certificate is felt by all websites, not just those interested in conducting eCommerce by credit card payments.

Protecting your most important asset

If you are looking to engage with customers or take their login and personal details, you need to step up and purchase an SSL certificate so you can guarantee the integrity of their data. To neglect this responsibility leaves your website and reputation vulnerable in the most damaging way, and exposes your customers to harm.


A low price to pay for the trust of your customers

Having your website appear insecure can weaken your authority and reputation in the eyes of your audience; and why wouldn’t it, when buying an SSL certificate can be so simple? As an internationally recognised certificate provider, Real Hosting can offer you a full range of SSL options, allowing you to tailor your certificate to the particular needs of your website. Take responsibility for your internet security today when you buy a GeoTrust or Wildcard certificate from Real Hosting

Not all SSL certificates are made equally; you need to find one which suits your website and business. As a trusted provider with years of experience helping companies narrow down the field of available certificates, we can build a profile of your security requirements from a short, focused interview. Once we have the right information about your business, we can provide an SSL certificate which will give you the most protection in the areas you need it.

Get 24/7 access to support from our SSL security team

All technology is vulnerable to faults on rare occasion, but a breakdown in your website security is more urgent than most. By purchasing your SSL certificate through Real Hosting, you gain guaranteed access to our support staff any time you need it, allowing you to respond quickly to any problem. A compromised security certificate can lead to serious consequences even if no other aspects of your site are left vulnerable; for every hour that your site is flagged as unsafe by Google, you lose vital traffic that you may never get back.

Enjoy the extra line of online defence provided by Real Hosting when you purchase an SSL certificate from our online store. See below for options.

SSL certificates for reliable security


Geotrust QuickSSL Premium

$99.95 /yr

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GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV

$299.95 /yr

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GeoTrust True Business ID Wildcard

$499.95 /yr

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